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Welcome to Ukiyo Media Solutions

We are a travel advertising platform.

Our many advertising solutions help you reach and engage with the right audience at the right time with the right message.

Ukiyo Media Solutions is borne out of Ukiyo Live. This revolutionary concept allows for content to be shared and then linked back to a booking button.

Due to the dynamic nature of the platform the opportunity to advertise is extensive.

Through the network an advertiser can target a range of demographics such as area, age, travel type or simply target a particular LSM category based on a type of travel search.This is backed up by strong analytics to ensure you always receive a return on investment. Never has it be easier to talk to the market that will ultimately use your product.


Whatever your marketing objectives, Ukiyo Media Solutions can help you deliver your branded message to an engaged travel audience by taking action at every stage when looking to inspire, influence, and convert throughout the travel consumer journey.


Our travel marketing and analytics team tap into our data across our platforms to help our marketing partners create the right campaigns to target the right audiences at the right time with the right message.


Our social media goals are consistent with our partners. To grow business and build relationships. With social media, we allow travellers to self-select their own experiences. We provide the ability to bridge media, gain feedback, iterate and connect to travellers following Ukiyo Live in an authentic manner.

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Endless possibilities
Why Ukiyo Media Solutions
  1. The Concept of viral content sharing
  2. Linking your brand to a specific area , region or product
  3. Getting your brand into a viral eco-system that will allow for engagement not seen on any other advertising platform
  4. Deliver your message at every stage of the consumer journey to achieve your objectives
  5. Harness billions of travel booking data points to inform how you reach highly engaged travel shoppers
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